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Mitre Att&ck Splunk Dashboard Conversion to Splunk App

So just a short post really, as you know I have been working on a Mitre Att&ck Splunk dashboard but due to my GPEN course and OSCP among many other distractions so far this year progress has been slow.

However over the last few days I have managed to build out my own Splunk app which is named Mitre Att&ck Monitoring (see below). The reason behind this was that I had a dashboard full of items that ran every however often and it was just slow and kept crashing out, I figured it would be better to break the items up into the sections from the Mitre Att&ck Framework and go from there.

I might end up uploading it to SplunkBase when its closer to being finished but for now I'm happy to keep plodding on with it.

anyway as always if you have any questions yell at me on Twitter @CyberZombi3 Thanks CyberZombi3 #Hacking #Hacker #RedTeam #Blueteam #ITSecurity #Noob #Splunk #Monitoring #MitreAttack #BlueTeam

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