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Mitre Att&ck App

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

Mitre Att&ck Splunk Dashboard Conversion to Splunk App

So just a short post really, as you know I have been working on a Mitre Att&ck Splunk dashboard but due to my GPEN course and OSCP among many other distractions so far this year progress has been slow.

However over the last few days I have managed to build out my own Splunk app which is named Mitre Att&ck Monitoring (see below). The reason behind this was that I had a dashboard full of items that ran every however often and it was just slow and kept crashing out, I figured it would be better to break the items up into the sections from the Mitre Att&ck Framework and go from there.

You can now find it on my GitHub Page -

anyway as always if you have any questions yell at me on Twitter @CyberZombi3

Thanks CyberZombi3

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